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Jeremy Moll
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"A heart that has known love feels hollow in its absence."
-quote from my Chronicle of Truth project.

Requests and art trades are available; see the journal entry concerning these. I intend to move to paid commissions once I'm a little more comfortable with my skills, but for now I'm just looking to improve my skills. Send me a note if you're interested; I prefer to draw humanoid females, but I'll be happy to consider other requests also.

Please refer to the Journal below for more information or if you are interested in requesting a drawing from me. Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

Artwork Status

Thu Jul 12, 2012, 7:13 AM

Hello all. I've been way way distracted from anything even remotely artistic, but I'll try to get this huge backlog of stuff done here shortly. Until then, further requests are on hold while I get all this other stuff done. Happy Holidays!

:bulletgreen:Things I WILL draw:
1. Fanart (I'm better at drawing girls, but I'll do guys too)
2. Original Characters and/or Fan Characters (Male or Female)
3. Yuri, ecchi, dakimakura, bondage, female nudity.
4. Weapon and/or costume design.

:bulletred: Things I WON'T draw:
1. Vore/Gore
2. Hardcore fetishes (anything beyond light bondage)
3. Male nudity* (Shirtless is ok, and I'm ok with partial nudity if it's a guy/girl scene)
4. Yaoi
5. Furry/anthro, beasts, creatures, monsters, and mecha. Really just not my area of expertise.

Most of what I draw is within DA's guidelines, but if you have a request for something that doesn't meet the site guidelines (but isn't shown on my no list above), please send me a note and we can discuss it anyway. I reserve the right to refuse any request or commission, but I'm willing to hear out any art ideas you may have before making a decision.

:star:Currently working on:
1. OC Request (Tarein) - :iconwedginator: (Shading)
2. Ruby Rose wallpaper (RWBY) (Finishing Lineart)
3. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) - :iconwedginator: (Sketching)
4. Pokémon FC Request (Erica x Paul) - :iconNaokoMayumi: (Not Yet Started)

:pokeball:Backlog (To-do list):
1. OC Request (Caithan) -  :iconelasticfan: (Shading)
2. OC Request (Clair) - :iconsuperplatinumwolf: (Shading)
3. Karen Dakimakura (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) (Shading)

If you would like a request or commission, please send me a note with the following form filled out. If there is more than one character, please include this information for all characters in the scene:

-Type of drawing you want (Facial portrait, waist size, fullbody)
-Resolution Layout (Portrait/Landscape)

-Character Name:
-Hair color:
-Eye color:
-Skin tone:
-Weapon/prop (if applicable):
-Personality (1 or 2 sentences please):
-Outfit details:
-Desired pose:
-Any additional details you think would help me:
-References (please provide links if possible):

-Desired scene/setting
-Desired background details (if any)

-contact information for yourself, if you wish to receive updates on your drawing outside of DA:

Thank you for your time, and please enjoy your stay!

  • Listening to: Disturbed
  • Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Watching: RWBY, Naruto Shippuden
  • Playing: League of Legends



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