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Supergirl by Tassaron
Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, since her new show is airing in a few days. Pencil/pen/colored pencil on paper, touched up slightly in photoshop. Enjoy!
Carl by Tassaron
Carl Grimes from the Walking Dead (comics version) drawn for my cousin Sierra. This kid is a SERIOUS BADASS.
This version is from roughly around the Negan arc (after losing his eye but before the timeskip). Hope you all enjoy it!

Commissions OPEN!

Thu Aug 14, 2014, 5:47 AM

Hello everyone! After a while without updates, I'm back with a new name (that you can hopefully pronounce now), and am also pleased to announce that I am now ready to accept commissions!

I'm willing to draw pretty much anything I feel qualified to. Hetero, yaoi or yuri, nude works, cutesy girls or badass dudes. Let me know what I can draw for YOU!


Waist up: $15 +$10 USD for each additional character
The Flame Alchemist by TassaronAzula by TassaronNeverending Rain by TassaronEdward Elric: The Pain of Loss by Tassaron

Fullbody: $20 +$15 USD for each additional character (or 2nd pose for a dakimakura)
Clair by TassaronSolitary Heart (Self-Portrait) by TassaronTsukasa and Subaru at Twilight by Tassaron

Costume Design: +$10USD*
(This applies only if I have to create a BRAND NEW ORIGINAL outfit from scratch. Alternate outfits like kimonos for a festival, Santa outfits, etc. with common references available are not charged this fee.)

Renae by TassaronAkira by TassaronTempest of the Sands by Tassaron

Weapon/Prop Design: $5-20 USD depending on complexity (Again this is only if I have to design something brand new from scratch.)
Holy Sword Melystiel by Tassaron

Flat Color, Gradient, Transparent, or Pillow Art Background: Free!
Shade by Tassaron

Simple/Abstract Background: $5 USD
Irresistible Charm by TassaronMustang's Transmutation Circle by TassaronChristmas Collab 2012 by Tassaron

Complex Background: Negotiable on a case-by-case basis; please send me a note.
The Date That Never Was by TassaronTempest of the Sands by Tassaron



1. I reserve the full rights to any drawings I create and their use and distribution unless otherwise agreed on.
2. If you would like your commission to be private, please let me know. I'm very flexible when it comes to these requests.
3. You may use your commission/request/gift for any PERSONAL use like icons, signatures, avatars, wallpaper, etc. that you like, but any commercial use will require extra permission from me and may be subject to an additional charge. You may not claim credit for the work as yours, redistribute it, use it for any commercial purpose, or host it on any external site without a link back to the original source unless we have agreed differently on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to use it for a game, project, etc. or resell or redistribute the work, please make this clear in our initial agreement before payment is complete.
4. Payment must be made at least half up front before I will begin work on your drawing. I don't show the final drawing before being paid. I can upon request show you a sketch or lineart of the progress as long as at least half payment is confirmed. If you do not request this, I will simply show you the final drawing instead.
5. Extremely complex outfits/details may incur an extra charge. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
6. Extremely high resolution (above 1920x1080 or comparable portrait size) will be charged at 1.5x the base rate. This is mainly if you want an ultrasized print for use as a custom dakimakura, a poster, etc. (i.e. a 2-sided dakimakura
7. Changes to the work after I have begun working on it may incur an extra charge. This does not apply if I need to correct an error; only if you change your mind about something in the drawing after I have started drawing it, because changing a work in progress can be a major pain in the backside.
8. Visual references help a LOT, and I ask that you provide at least one whenever possible (if it is an OC that has never been drawn before, of course, I understand there may be times when this is not possible. But it does really help.) Words can be confusing, but a picture is usually a pretty clear indication of what you want.
9. All commissions are non-refundable. However, I will do my best to ensure that we are both satisfied with any request.

:pokeball:If you would like to request a commission, please send me a note with the details! I look forward to working with you!

:star:SLOTS (Open as soon as previous orders are completed):
1. OPEN! (Be the first! ^^)
2. OPEN!
3. OPEN!

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  • Playing: League of Legends


Jeremy Moll
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
"A heart that has known love feels hollow in its absence."
-quote from my Chronicle of Truth project.

Requests and art trades are available; see the journal entry concerning these. I intend to move to paid commissions once I'm a little more comfortable with my skills, but for now I'm just looking to improve my skills. Send me a note if you're interested; I prefer to draw humanoid females, but I'll be happy to consider other requests also.

Please refer to the Journal below for more information or if you are interested in requesting a drawing from me. Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

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